Hardware and software alone rarely mean the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive business environment. Yet the way those technologies are selected, implemented, integrated, adopted and managed can be critical success factors. That’s why Professional Services are an integral component of each of the innovative information technology solutions PENTAGON develops. Through Professional Services, we help protect and enhance your IT investment and help ensure that your infrastructure continues to meet your needs and expectations throughout its entire lifecycle.

Our Professional Services Consultants employ a comprehensive methodology that focuses on engaging with our customers early in the IT solutions development cycle. Through partnership with you, we clarify your needs, evaluate all options, make recommendations and help you conceptualize the solution. We can install and implement the technology, educate and train your staff, monitor the performance of the solution and measure its success. By combining the latest hardware and software technology with our broad-based portfolio of services, we provide you with complete solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s storage or server consolidation, VMware – Virtualization  services , PENTAGON is dedicated to helping you find more efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet your business and mission-critical requirements.