Solutions - Virtualization    

The escalation of single-use, under-utilized servers has created complex and sprawling data centers that are difficult to manage, expensive to maintain and afford little flexibility when new business needs arise.

Virtualization technology from PENTAGON helps you create a more flexible, responsive infrastructure by removing the limitations of location and physical packaging and by allowing you to dynamically pool and assign resources. Because each virtual server has its own set of virtual hardware, it can run its own fully-independent operating system, allowing you to host multiple operating systems and multiple applications – whether locally or in remote locations – within the same machine. Virtualization solutions improve flexibility because computing resources can be quickly assigned and re-allocated as they are needed – all from a centralized point of management.

PENTAGON experts assess your existing environment, prioritize resources for virtualization and develop a detailed strategy to meet your objectives. Our virtualization solutions enable you to:

Simplify your infrastructure – Reduce the number of physical servers that need to be maintained and enable the addition of new virtual machines without creating server sprawl.
Reduce IT costs – Lower space, energy, maintenance and management expenses
Rapidly deploy servers and applications – Provision servers in minutes compared to days
Increase flexibility – Dynamically assign resources, improving performance and the ability to respond to changing requirements. For some organizations, virtualization also provides a less costly path to disaster recovery 
Reduce energy consumption – Move toward a green data center by reducing the carbon footprint and keeping power and cooling costs in check

Drawing upon proven best practices, extensive experience ,industry-leading products and customer input, PENTAGON designs an ideal solution for your specific business needs. Coupled with PENTAGON services.

By reducing costs, simplifying resources, providing greater flexibility to allocate resources and improving service levels to your customers, virtualizing your IT environment can give you the ability to actually do more with less. But where do you start? Storage, servers, application development and testing, business continuity, desktop manageability and security are all potential virtualization candidates. Which will give the greatest return on investment while meeting the business goals of your company and achieve these objectives with minimal disruption to the day-to-day flow of your business? PENTAGON  Professional Services helps you assess, implement and manage virtualization solutions utilizing a proven methodology refined over decades of experience with virtualization technologies and design principles. Each solution is tailored to help meet your unique business challenges and IT infrastructure.

Our virtualization service areas include:

Assessment Services including ROI Analysis:
We’ll help you determine which resources are the best candidates for virtualization and identity the financial impact and potential resource savings associated with your virtualization project.

Implementation Services:
Whether you choose to utilize VMware or another virtualization tool, our seasoned consultants implement your software on time and on budget with minimal disruption to the business.

Storage Disaster Recovery:
We will assist you with developing strategies for creating a Disaster Recovery environment using virtualization.

Consolidated Backup and Replication Strategies:
Using industry-leading tools, we ensure that your backup and replication strategies are appropriately refined to support and protect your new virtualized environment.

Application Analysis:
We can help you determine the best virtualization design for performance and high availability.

By working with PENTAGON Professional Services to design and implement your virtualization solution, you can expect to:

Simplify your infrastructure by reducing the number of physical devices that need to be maintained 
Lower space, energy, maintenance and management expenses
Increase the flexibility of your infrastructure
Improve the efficiency of your IT resources 
Enable a less costly path to disaster recovery 
Fully exploit the potential of your virtualization software

Complete your virtualization project on time and on budget with minimal disruption to the business.