Solutions - Infrastructure Assessment

We understand every IT environment is unique and runs differently.  This means your road to virtualization is unlike anyone else’s. The first step toward a solution starts with understanding where you are today. PENTAGON specializes in virtualization solutions and we’re experts in developing a roadmap.  Our engineers use specifically designed data capture tools in order to collect data and make recommendations for servers, applications, desktops and storage.

A benefit of working with PENTAGON is that we won’t make a recommendation until we fully understand your environment.  Our team invests time to learn how your environment works today so we can get you where you want to be.  That investment pays dividends when we can avoid costly missteps because we took the time to see the big picture.

When you work with PENTAGON, you are working with a team that’s implemented virtualization solutions at all levels of the enterprise. We’ve been able to do that successfully because we take the time to assess before we implement.