Partners - Cisco    

As a Cisco  Certified Partner, PENTAGON can help lower the total cost of ownership of the most demanding networked storage environments. We will analyze your storage and networking needs, design a strategy to address your unique business requirements and implement a complete solution. Drawing from our vast experience in a variety of industries, PENTAGON serves as your trusted advisor, determining which networking and storage strategies are pertinent to your business and then designing a solution combining proven Cisco technology, networking and software to satisfy the needs of your business.

At PENTAGON, we pride ourselves on only representing solutions that we master.  All of our Cisco certified engineers receive formal training, but most importantly, they establish all their skills hands-on with the technologies present in our Solution Center. This experience is invaluable to our consulting teams as they develop forward-looking infrastructure solutions that can meet current requirements as well as prepare for future needs.

Data Center Convergence is bringing together technologies that have traditionally been kept separate and maintained by different IT groups, such as network and storage. You need a partner that understands all aspects of an IT infrastructure and provides a complete solution that will meet your business requirements without compromising industry best-practices. Instead of viewing network and storage separately, our Cisco practice brings a holistic vision of a unified infrastructure that provides services to its users.